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Arizona Residents--Services include:

**Estate analysis -- to review all of client's assets including the effect of the title thereto; assessment of current and projected value for determination of the (current legal) manner in which assets will pass at death; maximize reduction of estate and generation skipping tax burden; simplification and cost reduction of estate administration and asset transfer.

**Will -- to choose beneficiaries of the "Probate Estate" (including, in a pour over will, and the trustee of a revocable living trust); selection of an estate administrator; nomination of guardians and conservators for minors and incapacitated adult beneficiaries, and selection of trustee for ongoing management of the estate;

**Durable Power of Attorney -- to choose someone to make personal welfare, financial and health care treatment decisions during any (future) disability to avoid court appointment of a guardian or conservator;

**Living Will Declaration -- to withhold intrusive medical procedures that artificially prolong the physician-certified imminent dying process;

**Community Property Agreements -- for Arizona residents, to to convert separate property into community property to equalize the estate for decedent's and marital trust management; to ensure step up in income tax basis for appreciated assets of both the decedent's and survivor's community property.

**Living Trust -- for tax planning and to currently organize, administer and distribute the estate conveniently and without court administration;

**Pre or Post Marital Agreements -- during a second or later marriage to ensure that client's previously accumulated estate (and future accumulation) remains client's property to pass to children or other beneficiaries at client's death, subject to the reserved right to make gifts to the second (or later) spouse as deemed appropriate.

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